Fresh & Easy Night In The Bag

LM first grader beckons customers to support our school at the Fresh & Easy Shopping Night.

La Mariposa recently held its second annual Fresh & Easy Night as part of the Fresh & Easy Shop for schools program.  Last year between the receipt program and the shopping night we raised more than $700.

Fresh & Easy Shop for schools is one of our “Everyday Fundraisers”.  These are ways our community can earn money by doing things they do everyday at no additional cost.  Our Everyday Fundraisers include our Gift Card Program, Target Red Card, Box Tops, Campbell’s Soup Labels, eScrip, and Jamba Juice.  Together these fundraisers typically earn between $15,000-$20,000 per year and support arts programs, school teams/clubs, wellness programs, and other campus needs.  Learn more about how your family can be a part of our Every Day Fundraising Programs.

How does Shop for Schools Receipt Program Work?
Parents, teachers, school administrators, friends, neighbors or anyone who would like to support La Mariposa can collect receipts from purchases made at any Fresh & Easy store between September 12 and December 31, 2012.   All receipts that total $20 or more should be turned in to the PTA mailbox in an envelope labeled “Fresh & Easy”.
For both our shopping night and our receipt collection, for every $20 spent per transaction at a Fresh & Easy store, La Mariposa will receive a $1 cash donation. For example, a single receipt totaling $39.99 is worth $1, while a single receipt for $40.00 is worth $2, but a receipt for $18.50 is not eligible. You cannot combine the total of the receipts.  Receipts from any Fresh & Easy store may be submitted.

LM Tigers team up to help bag groceries during our Fresh & Easy Shopping Night.


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