A Dirty But Successful Dirt Day

by Kelly Long, School Gardening Coordinator

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La Mariposa held their first Dirt Day October 27th, 2012.  It was designed as a fun way to beautify our campus.  What a great opportunity to help the school, eat breakfast, dig in the dirt and have parents planting with their kids!  With the help of Baron Brothers Nursery and our groundsman Rick, beautiful drought resistant plants were selected for our job.   In just 2 hours, we had fertilized, mixed soil, and planted Lantanas along the fence by the lunch tables and Gazanias in the side parking lot.  Little did the kids know that they were learning science, math, teamwork, and project management by planting a few plants, digging in dirt, and playing with worms.

Thank you to all who have donated to the La Mariposa PTA.  Without those donations we would not have been able to do this project.  A special thank you to those families who donated their time and effort to make this a fun and successful event:

  • The Bowens
  • The Berinis
  • The Fishers
  • The Davidges
  • The Wongs
  • The Bolishes
  • The Carraways
  • The Swarts
  • The Greenlingers

Be on the lookout for our next dirt day.  Our task will be to plant 2 to 4 Crepe Myrtle Trees to create shade in both the Kindergarten and large playgrounds.  The trees will be delivered.  We will need to dig holes and plant them.  Please contact Kelly Long if you are interested in helping on this day.

Thanks to PTA President, Cindy Laudato-Wong for sharing her photos with us.


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