First Grade Goin’ Batty For Reading, Writing, & Science

Eight-year old, female, small brown bat, name “Chow Chow” visited first grade classrooms.

For the month of October, La Mariposa first graders have been studying all about bats.  They started the month by taking home reading passages about bats to work on reading fluency.  They created mini-bat books during centers and have been doing lots of other fun bat themed reading and number pages.  Flying across the ceilings of first grade classrooms, are twenty plus little bats with a fact sentence that each student wrote.  Students have also been spreading their analytical thinking wings by comparing owls to bats and learning lots of really interesting things about how bats live, why they live in certain habitats, and what they eat.

Finally….the BAT LADY visited, talked all about bats, and brought along her small brown bat friend for all the kids to see.

Two first grade girls watch little “Chow Chow” as the Bat Lady brings her around for a closer look.

And…just in time for Halloween…some Vampire Bat facts:

  • Vampire bats live in the rainforest areas of South America.
  • Vampire bats only have six teeth.
  • Vampire bats are pretty small, in fact their bodies are about the size of two six-year old fingers.
  • Vampire bats will feed several times throughout the night.  A whole night’s worth of eating amounts to only about two teaspoons of blood.
  • Vampire bats drink blood from live animals like cows and pigs…not humans.

First grade boys hold a bat specimen to learn more about what a bat really looks and feels like.

Even though Vampire bats drink blood, they don’t suck it.  They usually lick the leg of the animal, typically near their ankle.  Their saliva anesthatizes the animal so it doesn’t feel when it is bitten.  After the vampire bat bites the animal, he waits for the blood to drip and then laps it up with his catlike tongue…yum!

The Bat Lady was funded by the La Mariposa PTA through your generous Jog-a-thon donations.


2 thoughts on “First Grade Goin’ Batty For Reading, Writing, & Science

  1. The Bat Lady was an amazing speaker that kept adults and children entranced for almost an hour! Chow Chow stole the show at the end, waking up to nibble his worm.

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