4th Grade California Regions Lessons Take the Cake!

Studying California

by Alex M., Talia L., and Haley J., Mrs. Sadowsky’s Class Student Contributors

Mrs. Sadowsky’s class started the year learning about California’s regions. There are the desert, valley, mountain, and coast regions. We brought in each of the region pictures. We put them on a big map so you could tell which regions are where. The desert is a dry land that gets less than 10 inches of rain each year. The valley region is where the state capital, Sacramento is located. Our populated coast is small, but many people live there. The Sierra Nevada Mountains have a lot of big trees that provide jobs and timber for other products. We had a lot of fun learning about the desert, valley, mountain, and coast regions.

In addition, Mrs. Sadowsky’s class made a flipbook of the four regions. First, we folded a piece of paper into eighths. Then, we cut along the lines on one side of the paper, stopping at the middle, to make the basic flipbook. We wrote the names of the four regions on the top of the flaps, one region for each flap, so, for example, under the flap that says coast we take notes about the coast. Mrs. Sadowsky helped us with the coast and mountain flaps, but we took notes about the valley and desert alone. After we were done, we illustrated the front of the flaps, so like the mountain flap had a picture of mountains on it, or whatever the student wanted to put that related to the mountain region. When we were done, they looked very creative!

The last thing that D3 did was a fun project.  We made a California Cake, an edible map of California which shows all the regions, Sierra Nevada Mountains, our capital city, Sacramento, some other major cities, our populated coast, and much more. The cake was topped with sprinkles (blue=water, yellow=coast, orange=desert, green=valley, purple=mountains), We used Hershey kisses as our Sierra Nevada Mountains, red hots for major cities like LA (We can’t forget our special home, Camarillo, so that was added), and chocolate chips for our little mountains. We finished with a delicious cake to eat!



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