Getting Our Paws Dirty

LM 2nd Graders team up to remove a stubborn plant to make way for the salad seedlings they will plant in their class planter box.

It’s planting time at La Mariposa!  That means students are busy learning about how plants grow and where food comes from by working in our La Mariposa Gardens.  This fall classes will be “Planting a Salad” which will be ready to harvest just in time for our Thanksgiving Celebrations.

La Mariposa Dad, Stu Long, helps 1st graders plant their salad for the autumn harvest. What a great way to spend a day!

Dirt Day – October 27, 8-11am

Your family can get their paws dirty, too.  This a great opportunity for dads to get involved in volunteer work at the school! All students, parents, and siblings are invited to help beautify our campus.

Our plan is to turn over the soil, mix in some new, and plant plants at 3 locations on campus.  A great time will be had by all!

We will provide plants, soil, and breakfast goodies.  Please bring your shovels, gloves, etc.  We’ll see ya there!

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