Third Grade Tigers Take It To City Hall

by Tracy, Student Contributor

I enjoyed going on the City Hall field trip for several reasons.  First, we went to see the city planner.  The city planner showed us maps with the different zones on them.  These zones explained the different types of areas in the city of Camarillo.  I really liked looking at Google Earth.  We were able to see our school from satellites.  The docent then walked us to the building and safety inspector.   I learned that citizens need to get permits to build and for special events. The building inspector also inspects buildings to make sure they are earthquake safe.  My class became Jr. Building and Safety Inspectors.   Third, all of my big class is going to the city chambers.  The council members vote for different things like Lazer Tag, we all voted for Lazer Tag.  At the meeting some people do speeches.  Sometimes they command  to put Lazer Tag in Camarillo and some people command to not put Lazer Tag in Camarillo.  Did you know the city seal has a picture of the white horse and Adolfo Camarillo on it?  On the Camarillo flag there is red, free, and white and a picture of a seal on it.  Finally, we learned about the animal prints and paying bills and pictures.  We found animal prints on the red Mexican tiles and I think some of the animal’s prints are deer prints.  You can pay water bills at City Hall, too.

Editors Note: The City of Camarillo invites third grade classes every year to tour City Hall and take part in a Mock Council Meeting in City Chambers.  Special thanks to our parent drivers and the City of Camarillo for making the City Hall field trip possible.  The City Hall field trip is a great interactive learning experience in the lesson of city government and third grade social studies curriculum.


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