UC Hansen Trust Brings The Farm To Our Tiniest Tigers

By Peggy Celic, Kindergarten Team

Farmer Jim and Farmer Anna brought pictures of a farm as well as lots of different garden vegetables to La Mariposa kindergarteners.

We learned about 6 plant parts… and that we can eat all six: roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, and seeds.

The children enjoyed acting out what a plant needs to grow.  Each child was thrilled when they were given their very own pumpkin from the farm.

Thank you Hansen Trust farmers for bringing the farm to La Mariposa kindergarteners!

What is UC Hansen Trust?

The mission of the UC Thelma Hansen Trust fund is to support and maintain University research and extension activities for the sustainability and benefit of agriculture and natural resources in Ventura County.  One of their goals is to increase public understanding and support of agriculture and they have many youth programs that support this goal.  Learn more about the University of California Agricultural Center and The UC Hansen Trust…

UC Hansen Trust, La Mariposa, & Your Family

Over the last few years UC Hansen Trust has advised us on the design, creation, and maintenance of our La Mariposa Gardens through information and training from their volunteer Master Gardeners.  For the last two years, our second grade classes have visited their Agricultural Center as part of the second grade study of Ventura County Agriculture.  The Trust has also donated irrigation equipment, seeds and other items to our gardens.

The UC Hansen Trust also offers Free classes for your family to learn how to garden and grow your own food.  You can learn more and sign up for their next Home Garden Workshop, held on November 10 here.


Our community is blessed to enjoy an ongoing relationship with UC Hansen Trust and the hands on learning opportunities they share with our students and families.

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