Election Fever Hits La Mariposa

La Mariposa held it’s annual election of student leadership officers last week.  More than forty-five fourth and fifth grade students ran for four positions.  Candidates started the process by turning in their application.  They created posters and prepared speeches that were video taped by Student Leadership Advisor, 4th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Sadowsky.  On Friday, 4th and 5th grade classes viewed the videos and cast their votes.  The winners were announced Friday afternoon.  Officers will serve for the full 2012-13 school year.  Congratulations to all our elected officers and a huge THUMBS UP to all that had the courage to run!

“They announced the results and I didn’t make it.  But I’m going to try again for class representative next week.”–Anonymous 4th Grade Candidate

This week, each class will elect class representatives.  Midway through the year each class will elect another set of representatives since class reps serve for half the year.  Student Leadership helps with a number of school projects throughout the year including running the Pennies for Patients Drive, counting socks for the 100th Day Sock Drive, determining and publicizing school spirit days, and assisting the PTA in various other activities and collections.  Special thanks to Nicole Sadowsky for continuing her years of service as Student Leadership Advisor.


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