Evaluating School Board Candidates

With absentee ballots hitting mailboxes in early October it is time to start thinking and researching the issues on the 2012 Ballot.  We have three candidates for PVSD School Board Trustee:  Warren Harwood, Suzanne Kitchens, & Kelly Long.  The PTA encourages you to learn as much about them as you can by visiting their websites and contacting them with your questions.  (You should be able to “google” their names along with the text PVSD to find them.)  

While the PTA does not endorse individual candidates, we would like to provide you with tool to help you evaluate your options.


by California State PTA

All citizens should evaluate each candidate being considered for a position on the school board carefully. PTA encourages its members to be informed about the issues affecting the health, welfare, education, and safety of all children and youth and to become familiar with the positions of the candidates on those issues. PTA members are not prohibited from running for public office themselves.

All candidates, particularly non-incumbents, should participate in candidates’ forums, interviews and other neighborhood and community events. This gives the voters the opportunity to become familiar with the candidates’ positions and to observe the candidates’ reactions under the pressure of questioning. Incumbent school board members should be observed constantly as they conduct the business of the school district.

Does the candidate have

  • A commitment to public education and its importance as a foundation for democracy?
  • An understanding of the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state and its relevance to school district policy decisions?
  • A position of respect and recognized involvement/ leadership in the community?
  • An unselfish interest in the public schools, in the community, and in every child?

Is the candidate

  • A resident of the school district?
  • Informed about school board functions, policies and responsibilities?
  • Familiar with the schools in the district and with the basic issues facing education?
  • Knowledgeable about the role of the school board as it relates to the administration of the school district?

Does the candidate

  • Know the boundaries and demography of the school district?
  • Know that leadership involves working with and understanding the needs, expectations and concerns of the parent and business community?
  • Have an understanding of the legislative process?
  • Understand the commitment of time and energy required to be an effective school board member?

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