Kicking Off A Great Year: “Go For The Gold”

La Mariposa kicked off our 11th Annual Jog-a-thon fundraiser with an assembly last Thursday.  Our theme this year is “Go For The Gold” in honor of this summer’s Olympic Games.  Classes entered the quad area holding their class flag just like the athletes entered during Opening Ceremonies this past summer.

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The Jog-a-thon is La Mariposa’s number one fundraiser.  We don’t sell cookie dough, wrapping paper, etc and 100% of donations collected go straight to the kids.  These donations pay for our PE Teacher, field trips, Tech Teacher, classroom supplies, art and music programs, and so much more.

This year our goal is $45,000 and if we make it Principal Greenlinger will KISS A PIG!  Additionally, we are offering the following classroom and individual prizes:

Individual Prizes for Students turning in total donations of:

  • $10 – La Mariposa Pencil and Eraser
  • $50 – LM Acrylic Tumbler with Straw + all the above
  • $100 – Domino’s Pizza Party with Pizza, veggie/fruit, gold fish & juice box/water + all the above
  • $250 – La Mariposa Sports Duffle Bag + all the above
  • $500 – After School Bowling Party for Individual Student & 1 Friend (pizza and snacks included) + all the above

Class and Grade Level Contests:

  • The Grade with the greatest % of Students Submitting Donations gets a free recess with ICE CREAM!
  • The Class in each grade with the greatest Amount of Donations raised wins a free recess + frozen fruit bars
Mark your calendars for when our kids will “Go for the Gold” on Jog-a-thon Day, Friday, October 5.  Donations are due by Friday, October 12, for prize eligibility.  You can even donate online.

Click here to learn more about our jog-a-thon or get dates, details, & donation information.


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