LM Gets $1500+ From Target

La Mariposa Gets $$$ When You Spend with Your Target REDcard

The Target “Take Charge of Education” Program allows you to earn money for La Mariposa while doing your typical household shopping with your Target REDcard.  Target donates 1% of every dollar back to our school.  1% doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you add up what you spend per year at Target and multiply it by the number of families at La Mariposa, it adds up fast.  Target REDcard donations go straight to the school.

“The extra money” from these fundraisers helps us purchase the little extra things teachers want for their rooms.  It helps us have to say “no” a lot less. Most of the extra money we get this year will be going to professional development opportunities that teachers want to attend in the areas of technology and the Common Core.”
–Jay Greenlinger, Principal

The great thing about the REDcard is you can get it in a debit card or a credit card.  So if you are a “cash” family you can contribute to La Mariposa, save 5% for using your RedCard, and never pay a penny of interest.  Nice, right?  That’s what we call winning.

Click here to learn how to sign up for the Target “Take Charge of Education” program through Target RedCard.



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