First Day of School Smiles on La Mariposa

One La Mariposa Family marks the first day with a picture in front of the flag pole.

Cloudy skies couldn’t put a damper on the excitement of this first day of school.  The campus buzzed with energy as families arrived bright and shiny complete with their new shoes, special “first day” outfits, and backpacks stocked with school supplies.  Old friends greeted each other and many new friends will be made throughout the day.

PTA President, Cindy Laudato-Wong, and volunteer Cheryl Arenzana welcome back LM Families with a reception in the quad.


One only needs to look at a Facebook page to see all those traditional first day of school pictures.  Many families repeated back-to-school rituals in preparation for this special day: reading a special book, eating a special breakfast, and exchanging special hugs.  Then it was time for parents to leave the classrooms and gather in the quad to catch up with each other.

Happy First Day of School Tigers!

Does your family have a special “Back-to-School” tradition?  We’d love to hear about it!  To tell us about it, just leave a comment after this post!


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