Mrs. Sadowsky’s School Supply Steals #3: August 5

by Nicole Sadowsky, Teacher & Parent


If you have a 2nd grade student, you need to get a red and yellow folder.  Big Lots has them on sale this week for $0.14.   They also have spiral notebooks on sale for $0.17 each, which is a great price.

Staples’ penny deal for the week is a package of filler paper.  Many grade levels have this on their list, and it comes in handy when doing homework at home.  It is a limit of 5 per customer at this great price. They also have pencil boxes for just $0.50, Crayola markers (both thin and thick) for just $0.75 a pack, a 4 pack of dry-erase markers for $1, a two pack of scissors for $1, and a 5 pack of Sharpies for $1.  If you need copy paper or want to bring some in for your classroom, there is a new rebate this week again where you buy the ream and then get reimbursed by rebate so that the ream only costs $1.  There is a limit of 2 rebates per household on this one.


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