Mrs. Sadowsky’s School Supply Steals #1

by Nicole Sadowsky, Teacher & Parent

The Staples’ ads change each week, and every week there are some “extreme deals” where certain items are just a penny if you make a $5 purchase.  This week the featured items are the packs of pencil top erasers and index cards.  If you have a child going into 4th grade, they will be using index cards to make vocabulary flash cards throughout the year.  If you don’t feel like doing a bunch of shopping just yet, you can go in and buy a ream of paper which has a rebate (very easy to do online).  Basically after the rebate, you get the ream of paper, two packs of index cards, and two packs of pencil top erasers for just a little over a dollar.  If you need black pens for at home or mechanical pencils, you can buy those too and submit a rebate for the entire purchase price back so you’re just paying the sales tax.  If you have your kids with you when you shop, you can have them make a separate purchase and get more index cards.  I doubt you would need more pencil top erasers unless you wanted to get them to donate.  🙂  Anyways, that’s the big sale item for this week.  I will let you know if I see any other great deals in next week’s ads.


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