London Olympics 2012: Wenlock & Mandeville

Let’s face it, the Summer Olympics only come around every four years:  the inspiration, the national pride, and yes, the staying up ’til all hours watching an obscure sport you care nothing about until the next summer Olympics rolls around…(you know you’ve done it).  For kids, the mascots always seem to make it all more relatable and this Olympics, London has come up with something truly unique:

Meet Wenlock & Mandeville

Creatures fashioned from droplets of steel used to build the stadium, they look like one-eyed chrome plated aliens with skinny t-rex arms and slick silver tele tubby bodies…and let’s not forget the taxi light on their heads and the Olympic rings they wear as friendship bracelets.  It’s their “so ugly they are cute appearance” that kids will love.  Not to mention kids can interact with them via their website, Facebook, & Twitter.  To have some fun playing interactive games, dressing Wenlock for different sports and more click here.  If you want to know even more about the history behind these two just click here.

Some Olympic Resources

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