Tiger Olympics: Fun, Sportsmanship, & Getting Fit

Last week the La Mariposa PTA sponsored the 4th Annual Tiger Olympics.  Since it’s inception, the objective of this event is to provide a venue for all students to practice positive sportsmanship and make a lifelong connection between exercise and fun. Students in all grades participated in the week’s events on different levels and more than 63 parent volunteers donated about 150 hours of service to pull off this school-wide event.  (Scroll Down to View the Slideshow)

Here’s how the week went this year:

Friday, SPORTSMANSHIP:  A parent volunteer leads a discussion about sportsmanship with each class.  The class takes the La Mariposa Sportsmanship Pledge and their teacher ties a ribbon on the “Spirit Stick” to symbolize their class commitment to good sportsmanship.  At La Mariposa, we view the Sprit Stick as our “Olympic Torch”…after four years, it has well over 100 ribbons tied to it.  Little Known Fact:  The “Spirit Stick” is actually a walking stick donated by the Heybl Family in 2009.

Tuesday, TEAM SPORTS:  With a shortened week this year, we completed team sports all in one day.  Fourth and fifth grade classes competed against other for medals in Soccer and Ultimate Kickball.  Grades one through three played games within their own classes.  Something to look forward to…fourth and fifth grade classes get to choose fun team names.  Little Known Fact: Between the Relays and the Team Sports, about half the team names contained a type of food.  For Instance: “Fierce Bacon”, “Flaming Cheese”, “Ice Cream Giraffes”, “Extreme Rainbow Donuts”, and “Furious Popcorn”.

Wednesday, FIELD DAY:  Today, third through fifth graders competed as individuals in shot put, long jump, and high jump.  First and second grade classes rotated through three of the six track and field stations.  Little Known Fact:  This year was a year for the girls with both the longest and highest jump being made by lady tigers.  The girls also won bragging rights in all of our impromptu “Boys vs Girls” races on Thursday!

Thursday, TRACK DAY:  Race Day!  Tons of fun for third through fifth graders today with a full cheering section for our competitors in the long distance run, dashes, and relays. First and second graders finished up their track and field rotations.  Little Known Fact:  Mrs. Hudacko’s girls relay team name was “Humuhumunukunukupauaa”, Hawaii’s state fish.  Say that three times fast. 

Friday, OBSTACLE COURSE DAY:  Kindergarten through fifth grade participated in an obstacle course.  Before they could get their medals, they all students had to do the annual “Chicken Dance”, bwok!  Following the Obstacle Course, the upper grades were awarded medals for the week’s events.  Little Known Fact:  We award fewer “Spirit Medals” than any other medals during the week.  Be proud if your child came home with one of those!

All in all, the kids had a blast in our first ever RAIN-Free Tiger Olympics.  Thank you to the army of parents and volunteers for their help, and to all our La Mariposa Tigers for displaying amazing sportsmanship all week long!

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Special thanks to Cindy Laudato-Wong and Cathy Schafer for sharing their photos with us.


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