Flying ‘Wright’ & Following Your Dreams: The Wright Brothers Assembly

La Mariposa students learned about the Wright Brothers in the last PTA-sponsored assembly of the year. The musical duo Razzle Bam Boom incorporated fun songs and memorable characters in this musical history lesson which culminated in the construction of a model of the original “Flyer” aircraft with a 20 foot wingspan.

Razzle Bam Boom transported students back in time to imagine a world where long range flight had not taken place yet. Students learned that Orville and Wilbur Wright built and repaired bicycles but passionately followed the progress of aeronautical experimenters and pioneers around the world. The news of the death of German pioneer Otto Lilienthal influenced the Wright Brothers to work harder with their research and experiments to find a way to fly.

Student volunteers were called up from both assemblies to act as reporters to help re-enact interviews and also to help construct the model airplane. Razzle Bam Boom sang original songs about following dreams in the face of adversity as they re-enacted the Wright Brothers’ first controlled flight about 4 miles outside of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903.

Watch the La Mariposa Weekly e-blast for details about next year’s exciting assembly line-up!

The Wright Brother’s assembly was one of three assemblies sponsored by the PTA for the 11-12 School Year. Special thanks to PTA Assembly Chair, Dorothy Hanchey, for choosing these great learning opportunities for the whole school.  Learn more about our other assemblies:

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