Earth Day 2012

La Mariposa celebrated Earth Week the last week in April.  One of the objectives of the week was to impress on students how very small choices made everyday, can make a add up to a big difference in the sustainability of our planet.

Green forms were sent home the previous week for kids to think about the difference they could make.  Students were asked to make a pledge and return the form with a picture.  The pictures were posted on the outside of the sustainability maze.

What is a Sustainability Maze?

Parent volunteers built a cardboard maze that each student had to navigate.  At each fork, there were choices that we make in our everyday lives.  Things like using a reusable water bottle or buying a single-use water bottle, using paper towels or a washable towel to clean up messes, and choosing items packed in single serving containers or choosing items with multiple servings to be pack in reusable containers.  When students made the more sustainable choice, the path took them out of the maze.  Students were briefed by a parent volunteer before entering the maze so they were better prepared to make their choices.

Once students completed the maze they were invited to sign the maze walls to symbolize their commitment to making everyday sustainable  choices.

Special thanks to our PTA lead parent, Natalie Swarts, and all her worker bees for planning the week, constructing the maze, and making sure all our materials were appropriately recycled.

Let’s make it Earth Day everyday!


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