LM Takes Flight at Rotary Track Meet

Hundreds of kids and their parents, representing more than a dozen local elementary and middle schools, enjoyed the 53rd Annual Hap Rapp Memorial Track Meet on Saturday, May 19th at Camarillo High School. The annual event began in 1959, and is the Camarillo Rotary Club’s oldest community service project.  La Mariposa fourth and fifth grade students have been preparing for months for this exciting event.  This year their hard work paid of when two our students, Manny P. and Bella R. won their overall division titles.

7 of the 10 Overall Winners from the 53rd Annual Rotary Track Meet. Our own Bella R. is pictured third from the right along with LM Alum Bella P. and Jenna C. to her right. Not pictured is Manny P. also a division Overall Winner.

Here are the results from this year’s meet:

Boys F

  • Manny P. Trophy winner for overall point winner in his division, 2nd in the 50m, 2nd 800m, 3rd Long Jump William Davis 1st 75m
  • Jayden J. 4th Long Jump
  • Colby A. 3rd High Jump
  • Relay Team 1st – William D., Jayden J., Ryan L. & Nicolas M.

Boys E

  • Alec C. 5th 50m
  • James I. 5th 75m
  • Dutch U. 3rd 800m, 3rd High Jump
  • Relay team 3rd – Alec C., Zachary G., Adam L. & Dutch U.

Boys D

  • Dhyan R. 4th 50m, 4th 400m
  • Andrew A. 5th 50m
  • Noah R. 3rd 75m
  • Brandon T, 1st 400m
  • Jaime J. 3rd 800m, 4th Long Jump, 2nd High Jump
  • Kellen B. 4th 800m
  • Relay team 2nd – Kellen B., Jaime J., Noah R. & Dhyan R.

Girls FF

  • Bella R.Trophy for overall point winner in her division, 1st 50m, 3rd Long Jump, 2nd High Jump
  • Kate C. 4th 75m, 1st 800m, 3rd, High Jump
  • Relay Team 1st – Kate C., Valeria G., Chloe J. & Bella R.

Girls EE

  • Olivia G. 4th 50m, 4th 400m, 2nd High Jump
  • Sabrina C. 5th 400m
  • Clarice C. 2nd Long Jump
  • Relay Team 3rd – Clarice C., Victoria D., Olivia G. & Anissa S.

Girls DD

  • Brandee S. 2nd 800m
  • Jaime W.1st 800m
  • Elise M. 1st Long Jump
  • Relay Team 5th – Karlee B., Maya C., Brandee S. & Jaime W.

Special Thanks to PE Teacher, Ginger Thompson for coaching our team along with her helpers 4th Grade Teacher, Nicole Sadowsky, and regular visiting teacher, Angie Costello.

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