Lions Roar, Tigers Learn

By Alex M., Student Contributor

May 25, all of third grade took a field trip to Moorpark teaching zoo. First the third graders saw an animal show. It was full of amazing animals including a military macaw, king snake and a smart dog. After the show, all the students had learned something new (and maybe some adults learned some new facts too). There were many different animals. Third graders got to see a sunbathing alligator, a huge tortoise and unusual birds. The classes saw the amazing bald eagle, a little owl and a red-tailed hawk. There were Scarlet macaws and toucans, a noisy howler monkey and quiet spider monkeys. Everyone was amazed when they saw the lioness and the hyena. The zoo had many more animals, but that is mostly what third graders saw. The Moorpark Zoo was very interesting.

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Third Graders visited the Moorpark Teaching Zoo has part of their third grade science unit.


One thought on “Lions Roar, Tigers Learn

  1. Great article, Alex. I am glad you enjoyed the trip to the zoo. I heard the lioness took a special interest in our students!

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