Playing With Peer Buddies

by Benita B., Student Contributor, 5th Grade

Most people don’t regularly try out for peer buddies, but I can tell you it is an amazing experience. You work with kids your own age (that’s why it’s called peer buddies) , who have disabilities and get to know them really well. For example, I go to the peer buddies and I found out that one of the peer buddies is really good at basketball. Better than me actually! I was never that good at basketball, but, anyway, Peer Buddies is really fun. I also did it in third grade, and it was an interesting experience. Most of the peer buddies where in third grade with me, and I still remember their names. I remember having ice cream with a lot of sprinkles, and playing games with the other peer buddies. When I was in third grade we played inside, and in fifth grade we are now playing outside. The thing is we missed school from 2:30 to 3 o’clock. In fourth grade, we had peer buddies in three different classrooms. I was in E3.For our help, we had a party at the end of the School year. I would recommend peer buddies to anyone who is willing to help disabled kids, and make new friends.

Overall, peer buddies is fantastic.


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