Wildlife Experience

by Nathan A., Student Contributor, 1st Grade; Introduction by his teacher Christine Elliott

First graders attended two assemblies this March by Wildlife Experience, “Wildlife Safari” on March 5th and “Native Neighbors” on March 26th.  Beverly Critcher is the founder and the woman who presents to our classes. Wildlife Experience is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation through community education. With the implementation of unique Nature Programs, Wildlife Shows and Conservation Projects, Wildlife Experience aims to conserve wildlife and the habitats in which they live.  Most of the animals she brings to share with the kids have been sent to her for care after they have been hurt or abandoned. 

Wildlife Experience

We had a field trip to the MPR for Wild Life Experience this morning. The first animal was the tiger salamander.  The tiger salamander had a bunch of dirt on it.  The second animal was the opossum. It is the only animal in our state that has a pouch.  The third animal was a gopher snake.  The snake was small.  The last animal was the turkey vulture.  It had a red head. It eats dead stuff. My favorite animal was the opossum.  The opossum had a long tail.  The field trip was fun.

Teachers Note:  The children earned the money to pay for these assemblies (on site fieldtrips we call them) through their own labor as a part of our math and money curriculum. They earned one dollar a week over six weeks, in pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, mixed coins and one dollar bill.   After the assemblies the children write about their experiences.


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