Science Night Was a Blast!

by Emily G., Student Contributor, 4th Grade

On Tuesday, March 20, I attended the La Mariposa Science Night.  The first station we did was a milk station.  We put food coloring into different types of milk.  We looked to see how quickly the different types of milk moved.  Then we moved to the lemon table.  Using lemons, wires, pennies, and nails, we created a circuit to light up a mini light bulb.  Next we made kaleidoscopes with colorful duct tape,

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toilet paper rolls, paper, a mirror, and colored beads.  Finally we went to the rock station where we got to look at rock crystals through a microscope.  We also got to start our own crystal growing experiment to take home. There were extra stations we could visit on our own time like marbles and pulleys.  I thought it was amazingly scientific and fun!!

Special thanks to PTA Science Night Lab Instructors:  Jennifer Flittie, Denise Bolish, Stu Long, Natalie Swarts, Cathy Lieb, and Patty Stouch.  A big tiger hug goes out to our big brothers and sisters at Las Colinas for letting us borrow their microscopes and sending their own team of students to assist with the labs.  Science Night is free for all La Mariposa students and their families and funded by your annual donations to the LM Jog-a-thon.


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