My Trip To The Natural History Museum

by Baylee F., Student Contributor, Miss Angeli’s 2nd Grade Class

Let me tell you about my field trip to the Natural History Museum

[of Santa Barbara]. I rode in a friend’s car. It was so much fun riding with her. When we got there we put on our name tags and split up in groups by the color on our name tags. I was in the black group.

The first room that the black group went in was the science play lab. I think it was the best room that we went to. The thing I liked best was this fan that was pointing up to the roof and the worker there made this thing out of paper and you put it over the fan and it would twirl in the air.

“My favorite lab was the Science Play Lab.” –Maureen C.

The second room we went to was the insect room. In the insect room there were insects in the glass. There were so many insects. It was Awesome.

We went to a mammal room. There were many different kinds of mammals. We got to touch real skunk fur, bunny fur, and snakeskin. We also went into a bird room. There were hundreds of types of birds. It was really cool.


“I liked the information about the planets and in the Mammal Hall was wolves.” –Brittany W.


We went into an Indian room. It taught us how they lived. There were models of what they did. Then we went to lunch. After lunch we went to a science lab. In the science lab we dug for dinosaur bones. My group found a lot. Now you know about the time I went to the museum.

"I liked the Dino Dig because you got to dig in the sand to look for bones."--Brittany W.

Editors Note: All second grade classes visited the Natural History Museum in March. The Hands-On quality of Natural History Museum labs breathes life into the science and social studies standards. This and all field trips are made possible by your donations to La Mariposa’s Annual Jog-a-thon.

See the other ways the La Mariposa PTA uses your contributions to enhance our children’s educational experience.


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