Tiger Teachers Take ‘Impact II’ Award…again

To no surprise, not only are LM students successful, but their teachers are, too!  For the second year in a row, second grade teachers Christie Kyriacou and Stacy Quiles will be receiving an Impact II Award.  This year’s project:  “From Pen Pals to Tech Pals”.

What is Impact II?

The purpose of IMPACT II is to spread excellent teaching ideas throughout Ventura County and boost educator morale through the recognition of innovative teaching.

IMPACT II does this by partnering with local businesses and organizations to provide $500 individual and $750 team grants to educators for unique, original and innovative curriculum that has been classroom tested.

The Ventura County IMPACT II program is a partnership between the Ventura County Office of Education, the Ventura County Star, and several Community Sponsors.  Learn more…

A History of Innovation in Teaching

LM teachers are no strangers to the Impact II Awards.  Here are some examples of the most recent La Mariposa Awardees:

  • 2012 – From Pen Pals to Tech Pals, Christie Kyriacou, Stacy Quiles
  • 2011 –  Parents as Partners, An Art CollaborativeShannon Briggs; Kristin Frank; Christina Kyriacou; Chris Rudolph; Stacey Quiles; Jeanette Huntting
  • 2010 –  Something as Precious as GoldChristine Elliott, Tiffany Armas, Karen Davis, Kathy Wadley, Jeanette Huntting

This Year’s Great Idea: From Pen Pals to Tech Pals

The Pen Pals to Tech Pals curriculum paired traditional friendly letter writing with the highly dynamic digital and socal media components of today’s world. The monthly lessons and activities included:
  1. Letter Writing
  2. Paragraph Writing
  3. Flip Recorder Introductions of Pen Pals
  4. Flip Recorder Tour of the School
  5. Dropbox Photo Exchange
  6. Skype
These exchanges allowed students to master the standard of friendly letter writing and were also able to to discuss their likes, dislikes, family life, and other areas of school culture.   Learn more…

“The result was a motivating and genuine unit that incorporated a multitude of learning styles to include auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic. … Part of the success of this unit was evidenced by the commitment that each and every student made to the journey of pen-and-tech-paling!”–Christie Kyriacou and Stacy Quiles

Mrs. Kyracou and Mrs. Quiles will be recognized for their 21st Century Pen Pal Project at an awards dinner on May 9, sponsored by the Ventura County Office of Education along with partners:  Amgen, Vintage Production, Sage Publishing, Star in Education Foundation, VENOCO INC, Souther California Edison, Aera Energy LLC, University of California Hansen Trust, and Taconic.

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