Becoming a Reality: New High School Update

If you read my previous post on this subject. “A New Camarillo High School: Fact of Fairytale”, you might recall a major obstacle to the timeline of getting the high school built to open in the fall of 2015: the annexation of the property into city limits.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2012, plans were presented to the Camarillo City Council for the Camarillo area high school.  City Council voted to allow the Camarillo staff to work with our District to begin the annexation process of the Bell Ranch property from the County to within the Camarillo City limits.  (The Bell Ranch property is the OUHSD owned site for the new high school in Camarillo.)  

OUHSD on the Move:  Ideas we should begin to see by the time our kids arrive.

With a new superintendent at the helm, there are many changes coming.  Along with the new high school next to the library and a new pool being installed at ACHS, we can look forward to technological infrastructure improvements and the possibility of a Business Academy at “Cam”.

The district as a whole has adopted the Blueprint for Greatness.  This is a district wide commitment made not only by administrators, but teachers and staff on every level to put students first, every day, in every school, in every classroom.


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