Tiny Tigers Buddy-Up To ‘Bumble Bee’

WOOooo – WOOooo, Toot – Toot, VROOOoooom!  For the last month our tiniest tigers have been counting, creating, reading, and writing all about all kinds of vehicles.  To wrap up their transportation unit, the La Mariposa tradition of Transportation Day took place on March 25.  Thanks to LM parents and our Camarillo Community members this year kindergarteners were treated to:  Deputy Crone’s tricked out, one-of-a-kind Police Car (it’s a Dodge Charger), an ambulance, a Ventura County Sheriff’s car, an RV, some awesome dirt bikes (they even got to try on the safety gear), and of course that all too famous yellow and black transforming Camaro, Bumble Bee.

One thought on “Tiny Tigers Buddy-Up To ‘Bumble Bee’

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