Ever ‘Pet’ A Musical Instrument?

On March 15, La Mariposa 3rd Graders did just that!  Each year we are lucky to have the New West Symphony (NWS) Music Van bring instruments for our students to try out.

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Students also learned about the different types of instruments and what makes them special.  Is a piano a string instrument or a percussion instrument?  Where does a trombone belong, with the wood winds or the brass?  Not sure, bet your third grader could tell ya!

Students will hop on buses to attend a show on Tuesday, March 27.  In its seventeenth season, NWS will present its annual Symphonic Adventures “A New Era Begins” at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.

“This season, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart joins the orchestra on stage to take the students on a journey through the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods of music.  Music of the masters such as Bach and Beethoven are introduced along with modern music that the children and their teachers will find familiar.”

Together, the Music Van and “Symphonic Adventures” make a great introduction to the musical opportunities available through PVSD’s Youth Arts Academy (YAA).  This summer, incoming 4th-8th graders can take Beginning Band, Beginning Strings, Musical Theater, and more!

To learn about Summer YAA and school year programs check out the Youth Arts Academy click here.

To learn more about the New West Symphony, its performances or its educational programs go visit www.NewWestSymphony.org.


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