Dinner Dance Exceeds Expectations: $39,000 for Technology & Music

We had taken a leap of faith with a new venue this year, the Camarillo Ranch Red Barn. February 25 had finally arrived.  The lights shone brightly as La Mariposa parents, teachers, and guests began to arrive. Months of preparation came down to the next five hours.  As always the La Mariposa community sparkled in an unforgettable evening of dinner, dancing, and bidding.

It Just Gets Better Every Year

  • Total Guests: 192, New Record
  • % of Auction Proceeds that Benefit La Mariposa Kids: 100%
  • Item Receiving the Highest Bid: $5800 in Braces from Camarillo Children’s Dental Group, winning bid–$4000
  • Amount Raised in the Live Auction Alone: $13,690, New Record
  • Total Profit for LM Kids: $39,291, New Record

Crossing Our Fingers

We were concerned the PTA would need to make some hard budget choices for next year. We had the luxury of starting the 2011/12 school year with a small pot of unused funds from the 2010/11 school year. (This isn’t habit, we just couldn’t find a music teacher for 10/11 and rolled those funds to this year.) Anyway, this had allowed us to hire both a Tech teacher and Music teacher, something we knew there was a good chance we couldn’t afford to do again. On top of that, we have two grades, 2nd and 3rd, that have been patiently waiting for SMART Boards. But we know just one SMART Board plus installation costs about $3500 per room, and the odds of making enough money to cover the installation of 9 boards plus even one teacher was slim to none. We thought for sure Mr. Greenlinger would be making someone unhappy.

Success On Top Of Success

Fortunately we had a Jog-a-thon that netted about $4000 more than expected. Between the donations byTile City and Kodiak Construction, our 10th Anniversary Tile Project cost us next to nothing. Our Dinner Dance also netted $5000 more than expected. A grant here, a few cuts there and the PTA is set to vote on the following at our March 20 PTA Meeting:

  • Equipping 9 classrooms with SMART Boards, that’s right BOTH 2nd and 3rd Grade, Boards will be installed in the Spring of this year!
  • Committing to three Specialty Instructors for 2012/13: PE, Tech, AND Music. (Tech and PE Teachers will come from a mix of unused funds from this year and Jog-a-thon funds next year.)


None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity and community spirit shared by our parents, staff, and administration. Whether you are a parent donating to auction basket, a teacher donating your time, or a volunteer just answering when called upon, our kids are beyond blessed by you.

Don’t forget to thank our partners with your business! Coming soon, La Mariposa Community Partners Directory.

Special thanks goes out to Beth Sassower and Romy Henderson, who have chaired this event for the last four years and to Katherine Gregory and Aaron Laskey who worked their shadow in preparation for next year. Also to all the amazing people on the committee who performed countless tasks, big and small, to make sure the night went off without a hitch.

Together We Make It Happen!


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