Miss Hughes to ‘Tie the Knot’

Sometimes it’s hard to think of teachers as real people with real lives just like the rest of us.  I always laugh when I’m with my kids in the grocery store and they see a teacher from school.  They are always so surprised and they get a little nervous.  Do they think they live at the school?  Then it dawned on me…teachers are kinda like our first celebrities.  (I think they may even rank above Scooby Doo and Spiderman.)  This leads me to the point of this article, which I have done with some selfishness because my daughter, an LM alum, cannot leave me alone about Miss Hughes and whether she is getting married.

Understanding that Miss Hughes is a real person and might actually want a little privacy surrounding her impending nuptials I requested that she indulge our curiosity with some fun details.  She was very generous with her response:

“Robert and I are getting married on July 15 in a garden ceremony here in Camarillo at McCormick Ranch. Our wedding color is indigo, a pretty shade of deep blue.  I will have five bridesmaids, two  flower girls and one ring bearer. Many family members of mine are coming out from Chicago.

He proposed to me on December 22 in a song he wrote for me and played on his guitar. We know each other so well, and it was the perfect moment I had been waiting for my whole life.

We are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon, one of only a few states I have yet to visit. I cannot wait!

When I return to school in August, I will no longer be Miss Hughes, but Mrs. Evans.”

–Kelly Hughes, 5th Grade Teacher

This photo was taken the night Mr. Robert Evans proposed to Miss Kelly Hughes, December 22, 2011.


One thought on “Miss Hughes to ‘Tie the Knot’

  1. Congratulations Miss Hughes. We are soo excited can’t wait to see you as Mrs .Evans

    Take care
    Srividya Maganti and her family

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