Teacher Feature: Gina Lorenzo Teaches Music

Sparking a Lifelong Love of Music

Gina Lorenzo is no stranger to teaching specialty subjects.  She’s been teaching music or PE in LAUSD and Simi Valley USD for the last fifteen years.

Her experience shows.  I remember hearing a group of our 4th graders the first day she was on campus.   She’d had them all of twenty minutes and already they were singing in a round.  It was hauntingly beautiful.  Since that time I have heard about what a wonderful job she’s been doing from parents, teachers, and yes, even students.

The benefits of music instruction have been well known and documented for years.

In fact they are so broad-based and far reaching I would need to write an individual article on how it improves literacy, how it improves math skills, how it improves critical thinking skills, how it improves social skills, and on and on…just google “Benefits of Music Instruction” and you’ll have more reading material than even an insomniac could handle.  All these benefits are great, but what I really love most about music education is it gives our kids another way to express themselves and another reason to love going to school.

“Music can make anyone feel good.  It’s its own language.  You don’t have to know anything to have music–you can just be.”

–Gina Lorenzo

What are our kids learning in music class?

It is Mrs. Lorenzo’s goal to make sure our students understand five basic elements of music:

  • Rhythm:  The beat.  The beat can be even or uneven, steady or unsteady.
  • Melody:  A succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence or a tune.
  • Harmony:  A mix of pleasing musical notes that go together.
  • Tempo: This is the speed of the music.
  • Timbre: The sound quality or tonal quality of music.
Along with the elements of music, kids are also picking up parts of curricullum…shh.  Most recently they’ve been singing “The Nifty Fifty United States”.  In fact groups of 3rd graders love competing with each other to see who can sing it the best.  Guess who won’t have to memorize their states.


  • Favorite Color:  Varying shades of muted greens.
  • Pets:  Two dogs, “Dino” and “Rocco”, who are lab and weimaraner mixes–aptly named!
  • Musical Instruments she Plays:  Truth be told, Mrs. Lorenzo plays most instruments since she teaches them all, but her main instruments are the trumpet, vocals, and keyboard.

A luxury La Mariposa can afford because of you!

In these tough economic times La Mariposa is blessed to have three specialty teachers: Music, Technology, & Physical Education. We couldn’t do it without our generous families: funds raised through our Annual Dinner Dance pay both our music and tech teacher salaries and Jog-a-thon funds pay for our PE teacher.


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