People First: Abilities Awareness Week

La Mariposa kicked off the month of February with Abilities Awareness Week. Students were challenged to experience what it might feel like to be a person with a disability and also to think about how they might be more alike than different. Posted on the staff lounge were “bios” of our VIP friends from the County Special Education classes. These bios brought to light the similarities that all kids share. Students from our peer buddies program had special activities this week to strengthen the relationship between mainstream students and our special day and special education students. Additionally, parent volunteers led students through the Abilities Awareness Workshop.

“The Abilities Awareness Workshop is a wonderful hands-on way to give children, teachers and parents an opportunity to experience the challenges that children with special needs meet every day as a result of their disability.”

Each class rotates through five stations. Areas covered are communication, fine motor, vision, mobility and learning disabilities.

Special thanks goes to Jill Hodges for organizing this wonderful week-long event, Ventura County Offices of Education Special Ed Teachers, SELPA for creating the workshop, and the many parent volunteers that spent hours leading our kids through centers.

A kindgartener attempts solving a puzzle while blindfolded to understand what it might be like to blind.

A 3rd grade student uses a stimulator card to get an impression of visual loss and visual disabilities.

A kindergartener attempts to speak with a chocolate kiss in his mouth to experience what it might feel like to have a speech difficulty.

A group of 3rd Graders learn how to spell their name and say a few words in sign language.

3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Culp talks her student through walking with an assistive device.


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