10th Anniversary Tile Project Unveiled

On the very windy morning of January 9, 2012, the creativity of La Mariposa students, staff, and alumni was revealed.  Principal Greenlinger addressed all of our student body along with local dignitaries, including both former LM principals Pam Gonzales and Diane Anders.  Here is a little of what he had to say:

     “The idea we had was to create a beautiful and permanent work of art that shows the pride and creativity of the La Mariposa Community.  As I watched you paint your tiles, and as I watched Kodiak Construction install the tiles, I was amazed at the beauty of your artwork.  I hope that when you are eating your lunch, or just walking by, you will look at this wall and see something that makes you smile. I know I feel that way about it.

La Mariposa By The Numbers

Since LMS opened, there have been:

  • About 6,000 bandaids applied to students
  • 1,688 days of school (including today)
  • 1,089 kindergarten students
  • 424 painted tiles on the wall
  • 94 fire drills
  • 19 Picture days
  • 18 gardens built
  • Of the original staff, there are 17 staff still at LMS, including 16 teachers and Mrs. Thompson
  • 3 Tiger Olympics
  • 3 principals
  • 2 head custodians
  • 1 bear

A huge THANK YOU to Tile City and Kodiak Construction for their generous donation of time and materials and PTA lead volunteer Beth Sassower for always doing everything it takes to get the job done beautifully.  No doubt this tile mural will be a source of pride for our La Mariposa Community for years to come.


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