La Mariposa Cuts The Cord

La Mariposa School has recently gone wireless! All classrooms now have a wireless connection to the internet. This benefits teachers because they can freely move around the classroom to share online content with students.  Kindergarten teachers can now assess students anywhere in the room using our online assessment tools, and grade level teams can plan together without having to find a “blue cord” to plug in to the network. Students will benefit fromtheir teachers’ increased access to content, especially online versions of our textbooks and supplemental programs.  Additionally, our 1st and 2nd grade teams will be piloting the use of tablet computers to build literacy skills.  These devices can wirelessly connect to content and apps that have been pre-selected by teachers. Parents and volunteers will also have access to the La Mariposa “Guest Network,” which allows internet access for personal devices.  The wireless network is protected from viruses and filtered for school appropriate content in the same manner as our hardwired network.   This huge step would not be possible without parent contributions to our PTA. Thank you for helping our teachers offer your students a true 21st century education!

–Jay Greenlinger, Principal


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