Tiger Olympics Kick Off Monday, May 12


LaMariposa.Tiger Olympics.RaceDay.060613017Tiger Olympics is a week long event, from May 12th to May 16th.  All students of La Mariposa participate in the Olympics once a day in various events.  The entire week takes place on the blacktop and grass area in the back of the school. All Olympic events are tailored for each grade level and all Olympians will receive a participation medal at the end of the week!  Tiger Olympics focuses on introducing the students to team and individual sports that they might not otherwise participate in.  We focus on the importance of exercise, keeping healthy and good sportsmanship.  Various Olympians will receive special Sportsmanship medals awarded to them daily by their teachers for their outstanding team efforts on or off the field.  As in the International Olympics, our school is able to unite through the Tiger Olympics and come together as a team to represent the La Mariposa Tigers! 


6-7-2013TigerOlympics 1325/12 Monday at 8:30 AM:  Opening Ceremonies!  This will be a school-wide assembly to resemble the real Olympics! It is only 15 minutes long but it will be really exciting!

5/12 Monday & 5/13 Tuesday:  Team soccer and softball events

5/14 Wednesday & 5/15 Thursday:  Individual Track & Field Events:  Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Distance, Dashes, Relay

5/16 Friday:  Obstacle Course

5/16 Friday 1:15 PM: Closing Ceremonies! This will be a school-wide assembly to resemble the real closing Olympics! We have some FUN surprises planned!


Monday 5/12 through Thursday 5/15

  • K:  9:10 – 9:40
  • 1ST:  Mon:  8:45 – 9:30, Tues to Thurs:  8:30 – 9:10
  • 2ND:  9:30 – 10:10
  • 3RD:  10:30 – 11:30
  • 4TH:  11:30 – 12:30
  • 5TH:  1:15 – 2:15

Friday 5/16

  • K:  9:10 – 9:40
  • 1ST:  8:30 – 9:00
  • 2ND:  10:30 -11:00
  • 3RD:   12:45 – 1:15
  • 4TH:  11:30 – 12:00
  • 5TH:  11:00 – 11:30


The week of the Tiger Olympics, all Olympians should arrive to school in shoes appropriate for sport activities.  Please wear comfortable clothes to participate in sporting events (as we encourage all students to participate).  And don’t forget to wear sunscreen to school!

LaMariposa.Tiger Olympics.RaceDay.060613031


6-7-2013TigerOlympics 040SIGN UP HERE!

And yes, you CAN help volunteer for this event!   You have an AMAZING opportunity go to visit the school, see your child participate in the Tiger Olympics, be in the GREAT outdoors and help run the Olympics!  This is a fantastic event that REALLY needs YOUR help to be successful! All roles are very easy and you do not need expertise in any area to volunteer.  If a slot is full and you want to join, just show up!   Volunteers for Kinder through 2nd will typically stay with their class.  Volunteers for 3rd to 5th grades will typically work with all classes from your grade.  Please arrive through the front school office, sign-in and grab a visitor sticker.  Go to the back of the school to the grassy area and look for the volunteer area where you will be given further instructions and a clipboard if applicable.  Further instructions will be given to you before your event! Please wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a hat and sunglasses, if desired, and bring a bottle of water!  It will be a fantastic day for our OLYMPIANS!!


If you have any questions, please email Natasha Scrivener at natashascrivener@earthlink.net or Kat Gregory at katgregory@gmail.com

Tigers Study Their Way To The Top for CAO

Superquiz team member Jenna C. reacts with LM CAO Champ Hailey J. when they find out they've won the event.

Superquiz team member Jenna reacts with LM CAO Champ Haley when they find out they’ve won the event.

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Haley is the first girl in seventeen years to win gold in Science.  Go girl!

Haley is the first girl in seventeen years to win gold in Science. Go girl!

It was a banner year for La Mariposa and the Camarillo Academic Olympics.  For the first time ever, our Superquiz team, The Tiger Tribe, won the Superquiz.  La Mariposa also snagged 14 individual medals, the most of all the elementary schools.  This medal count includes winning gold in five of the ten individual categories.  Looks like our tigers jumped into their smarty pants with both feet for this one!

Alex is the first student in CAO history to win gold in both creative writing and art.

Alex is the first student in CAO history to win gold in both creative writing and art.

The Camarillo Academic Olympics culminated with the Superquiz Finals and Awards Ceremony held at Monte Vista last Friday night.  Students marched in and received their medals on the podium in front of a cheering crowd of parents and Camarillo VIPs.  A huge Tiger congratulations goes out to:

  • The Tiger Tribe Superquiz Team: Manas Khatore, Jenna Chui, Evelyn Li, Matt Kim, Karolina Dzieciol.
  • Haley Jeffers: 1st Place Science, 1st Place English Grammar, 2nd Place Math
  • Manas Khatore: 1st Place Geography, 2nd Place Math, 3rd Place Science
  • Alex Masci:  1st Place Art, 1st Place Creative Writing
  • Jenna Chui:  2nd Place Creative Writing
  • Sophia Pantoja: 2nd Place Speech
  • Tanvi Patil: 3rd Place Speech
  • Andrew Chan: 4th Place Current Events
  • Matthew Yang: 5th Place Art
  • Nicholas Truitt: 6th Place Current Events
The Tiger Tribe--2014 Division II Superquiz Champs!

The Tiger Tribe–2014 Division II Superquiz Champs–blowing off a little steam before the final stage of the competition Friday night.

Big Tiger hugs go out to Speech Coach, Dorothy Hanchey, and Superquiz Coaches Nilay and Nidhi Khatore.  Special thanks to Kathryn Masci for the perfect data entry and all of our judges, proctors, drivers, and tabulators:  Barbara Velji, Erica Williams, Nicole Sadowsky, Christy Pantoja, Ann Hudacko, Cathy Schafer, Jeff Miller, Jill Heybl, Kelly Long, Cindy Laudato-Wong, Yanzhen Xu, Kari Wetter, Lily Li, Natalie Swarts, Mickey Hirsch, Melissa Short, Jennifer Kwast, Alexis Chavez, Catherine Pedrosa, Michelle Fisher, Maria Redekopp, Madhuri Patil, & Linda Fitzgerald.  Programs like CAO do not happen without volunteers like you!

Inspiring Women To Visit LM Classrooms

by Natasha Scrivener, PTA

The Camarillo American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a nationwide network of more than 100,000 members and donors.  They advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.   Every year, they create a fabulous program to promote remarkable women in history for the elementary and middle schools of Ventura County!  Next week, March 3 to 7, Women in History will be celebrated at La Mariposa!  Six parents from our school will be dressing up and portraying famous women in history to classes that sign-up for a presentation.  But don’t tell the students they are real parents, as we like to pretend we are the actual celebrity!

This year’s famous women presentations are:

imgresMary Pickersgill (K-2)

Mary sewed a 42-foot long American flag by hand! This flag flew over Ft. Henry and inspired the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.  Portrayed by Julie Yousefi.

imgresElma Gonzales (K-2)

Elma grew up in migrant family, worked in the fields as a child.  She couldn’t go to school because the bus wouldn’t pick her up. She became a professor at UCLA in science.  Portrayed by Martita Martinez.

imgresMarla Runyan (1-3)

Marla is a local hero raised in Camarillo who was the first legally blind athlete to compete in the International Olympics.  Portrayed by Jill Hodges.

imgresEugenie Clark (K-5)

Eugenie is a shark researcher and achieved her three dreams:  To walk on the ocean floor, swim with the sharks, and become a teacher!  Portrayed by Natasha Scrivener.

imgresSacagawea (3-5

Sacagawea accompanied Lewis and Clark on expedition from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean.  Portrayed by Marla Pizzia.

imgresDeborah Samson (4-5)

Deborah disguised herself as a man and enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  Portrayed by  Margaret Kelly. 

Talent Show 2014: Photo Gallery

LM Talent Show 2014What a spectacular night.  All the hard work and preparation our tigers put into the show made for the best Talent Show, yet.  Big thanks go out to Tami Michelson and her talented team: Natasha Scrivener, Dorothy Hanchey, Jeanette Rueckert, & Kim Woolley.  Fabulous work everyone!  

2014 Talent Show: Sneak Preview

Singers and Dancers and Karate Ninjas, Oh My!

…and Actors and Musicians and a Hula Hooper, too!

Our Pawprint paparazzi popped in on the Talent Show Dress Rehearsal last week and the report is, it’s a show you won’t want to miss.  We have some terrifically talented tigers taking the stage starting at 6pm this Thursday in the MPR.  Come watch our tiger stars shine!

Here’s a little sneak preview to introduce some of the STARS of the show:


From classical dance like ballet and tap to modern lyrical and street dance–even a  cultural Irish dance, our dancers will delight you!


We’ve got pianists galore, some are singing’ along while they tickle the ivories and even one dynamic drummer.


We have lots of vocal artists just letting their voices go!  Listen for titles like “The Cup Song”, “Momma Mia”, “Brave”, “Firework”, “Pompeii”, “Yesterday”, “Fine By Me”, and you guessed, “Let It Go”.

Actors & Extraordinary Entertainers

Get ready for readers of poems, storytellers, and more!

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST…

An exclusive engagement, they perform only once a year

…the Karate Ninjas!

Pawprint Print Pride Restored

By Sheri Long, PTA Parent


You may have noticed our paw print path leading up to the front main gate received a “restoration” this past weekend. Our La Mariposa paw print painters Alexis Long, AJ Long, Sydney Searle and soon to be kinder Madison Searle, repainted the 26 blue tiger prints with the help of Sheri Long and Amanda Searle.  The next time you walk up that path and through those gates, follow those prints with all your tiger spirit and La Mariposa pride!

Peer Mediation & Structure to Reduce Playground Conflicts at LM

by Erica Williams, Principal

We have some exciting things happening on the playground this week!  Peer Mediators are on the playground at all of the K-3 recesses to help students in resolving issues on the playground.  The 4th and 5th grade Peer Mediators were chosen by their teachers and Mrs. Williams met with them once per week for the past six weeks.  In addition, thanks to our generous PTA and parent community, Campbells Soup Labels for Education points were used to add soccer balls, handballs, basketballs, volleyballs and hopscotch beanbags to the playground.  Game Rules from our PE curriculum are posted in each of the areas to help resolve any conflicts students may have about the game rules during recess.   In the coming weeks we will add a new volleyball net as that has become a popular new game on the playground.  As we are halfway through the school year, our PE Coach reviewed playground games with all students the past two weeks.  It has been an exciting week to watch students try some new playground games that they haven’t tried before!